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If you’re in the market for a new CNC router, then you’ve probably come across wattsan.com. It’s not the only company with a CNC router, though. The company’s website also features information on CNC-Routers, Tongli, Dimensions, and Laser-Machines. Investigate what these organizations bring to the table. Weigh your options and find the best deal for you.


The Wattsan.Com Laser-Machines are used in many industries, from the fabrication of souvenirs to the manufacturing of metal enclosures and doors for homes. They feature adjustable mirrors and laser tube mounts, making machine setup quick and easy. The stepper motor is centered on the Y-axis shaft for even load distribution, thereby increasing service life and accuracy, especially in the case of small parts.

The cost of a fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine will vary depending on the frame and travel speed, as well as the emitter. In general, the price of a Wattsan fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine starts at $24,500. Some models feature high-power CO2 fiber optic sources for metal cutting. The low-powered models are not used for cutting metal. The high-powered models are used for cutting sheet metals, including steel, aluminum, and copper.

The NC-C1612 metal cutting machine is a popular choice due to its low price. It is cheaper than other metal cutting models but is just as powerful. It uses a CO2 laser and has a tube ranging from 160 to 270 watts. This model can cut steel, non-metals, and plywood up to 15 mm thick. Because of its low price, it is perfect for cutting sheet steel with thin walls.


The range of CNC-Routers from Wattsan.Com includes a variety of models with variable speed drives. They are also highly flexible in terms of the processing area. Among the various models, the M1 1616 is the most popular choice. The basic model is equipped with water-cooled spindle and belt gears. The machine is popular for processing plastic, including pre-cut plywood. The higher price of this model makes it less popular than the A1 1325. However, the M1616 has more power than the A1 1325.

The Wattsan.Com CNC-Routers are equipped with vacuum tables, which allow for secure fixing of materials. Depending on the size of the working area, this type of table can be fitted with the appropriate vacuum-cleaning technology. The search process is automatic or manual. The manual mode requires the operator to lower the spindle until it touches the material. In automatic mode, the system detects the exact position of the tool sensor and starts cutting.


To understand the magic of this place, you must first know what it is. The name itself translates as “sun land” in Chinese. The sun and the moon are connected. But what is the connection between the two? And how do they affect each other? The answer lies in a very simple principle – the sun causes the moon to rise and the moon to set. But how exactly does it work? And what can you do with it?

Tongli Technology is a Chinese company located in Shanghai. This company produces SO2 trubok for lazernykh stankov. It also produces bloki rozzhiga lazer trubok, as well as moshchnosty izluchatelei. This company has limited with sobstvennyi university. To understand the nexus between the two, let’s go back to the beginning in wattsan.com.


The machines of Dimensions of wattsan.com are suitable for various types of production. The machines have a rigid machine frame with cast-iron lateral stands. Shimpo planetary gears are used to process hard metals. The factory designs and manufactures different modifications and degrees of freedom. The machining process is easy for any user, regardless of their level of experience. You can also use it for preparing drawings. Dimensions of Wattsan are available in different sizes, ranging from small to large.


When it comes to laser cutting, wattsan.com metal cutting machines make use of a fiber-optic laser source. These machines are better than other methods in terms of price to profit ratio, precision, and speed. In addition, they do not need frequent maintenance and offer long service lives. They also have low shrinkage, meaning they are not subject to the risk of constant capacity loss. These features make them the best choice for a wide variety of cutting applications.


When it comes to laser sources, wattsan.com uses products from leading manufacturers such as IPG, Raycus, MAXphotonics, and JPT. IPG has the highest reliability and lowest shrinkage rates compared to other brands. IPG products can maintain more than 90% of their capacity year after year, a rare feat among fiber optic sources. The company also uses high-quality guide rails from HIWIN, the industry leader in guide rails.

Laser Markers

Laser marking is an advanced form of industrial marking. The technology used in laser marking allows for the automatic marking of different materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, ceramic, and plastic. Lasers can be programmed to create a variety of marking effects, including depth and contrast. In addition to the traditional marking effect, lasers can create a variety of graphics, such as barcodes or text. Using these advanced technologies, manufacturing and engineering professionals can mark parts, packaging, and even products.

The Wattsan.com laser marker is a vysokotemperaturnyi luch, sovremennym and rezhushchego instrumenta. The wavelength of the laser is around 355 NM. They are great for marking plastic and glass. They fall into the “cold laser” category, which means they emit less energy and are less likely to burn soft materials. By contrast, the fiber laser delivers more power and is more appropriate for marking hard materials.


The Wattsan.com fiber-optic metal cutters utilize a fiber-optic laser source, which offers advantages that cannot be found with other methods. These machines can achieve high precision, speed, and price-to-profit ratio. Another advantage of fiber-optic laser sources is their high coefficient of conversion of electrical energy into optical energy, which enables them to provide continuous cutting capabilities. The benefits of fiber-optic metal cutters are numerous and include:

In addition to the precision of the fiber-optic laser sheet metal cutter, Wattsan.com machines are also compatible with other CNC machines. The CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software runs on another computer and controls the metal machine. The CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program prepares drawings and tasks for the operator. The FSCUT CNC is a highly intuitive machine that is suitable for users of all experience levels.

The Wattsan.com NC-C1612 metal cutter is very popular due to its low cost. Compared to other models, the NC-C1612 can be purchased for less than ten thousand dollars. The NC-C1612 has a 160 to 270-watt CO2 laser. With this power, it can cut steel, wood, and non-metals. Moreover, it can cut plywood up to 15 mm thick. For those who are interested in thin sheet steel cutting, this model is perfect for you.

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