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What Counts is revolutionizing the marketing industry with innovative technology that includes video-enhanced email support, integrated social media, and custom data fields for tracking purchasing behavior. The company also provides professional services and professional marketing tools. Their mission is to make advertising more effective and more affordable for businesses and brands.

Full-service marketing firm

What Counts is a private, multi-continental company that delivers millions of email messages in 35 languages. It has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations to develop and execute successful email marketing programs. What Counts’ technology offers the most comprehensive lifecycle email marketing platform available? It is available as a Saabs, Broadcaster™ appliance in the client datacenter, or Managed Service. Clients benefit from What Counts’ dedicated account model, in which they are always working with a knowledgeable, dedicated team.

  • What Counts’ Blue Sky Factory

What Counts recently acquired Blue Sky Factory, a strategic email marketing consulting firm based in Baltimore, MD. This acquisition brings together two of the world’s leading agencies for email marketing. They combine world-class technology with thought leadership and exceptional client services to help clients succeed in their businesses.

  • Marketing goals and expectations

When selecting a full-service marketing firm, it is important to have a clear idea of your marketing goals and expectations. A full-service marketing agency will provide a cohesive proposal and strategy that aligns with your vision. A reputable full-service marketing firm will never try to sell you services that aren’t necessary to meet your goals.

Email marketing company

A good email marketing company should have a variety of services, including a strategy and in-house creative team. Some also offer email advertising, which encompasses renting email lists, publishing promotions and pushing content through publishers’ channels. These services often fall together, but should not be confused with email marketing management.

  • Short and Long-term plan

An email marketing company should also have a short and long-term plan. In addition, it should be clear what standards the company follows for marketing campaigns. It should also be transparent about its day-to-day operations, as well as its management turnover. The staff should be able to answer questions and be responsive.

  • Accommodate your budget

The best email marketing agency should be flexible enough to accommodate your budget. An agency will also be able to adapt to changing marketing trends. A good email marketing agency will also be able to translate those trends into practical actions. Email marketing agencies can also provide a fixed fee per campaign, which can help you stick within your budget.

Branding agency

What Counts is a marketing agency based in Atlanta. It has 85 employees and specializes in email marketing, social media, and digital strategy. It mainly works with small to medium-sized businesses but has also worked with large enterprises. Its unique marketing approach is a good match for many different types of companies.

  • Branding agency’s mission

A branding agency’s mission is to create brand awareness by putting a company’s information in front of as many prospective customers as possible. This means evaluating various ways to target your audience, and focusing on their demographics. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, hiring a branding agency can be a smart move.

  • Uniqueness and Reputation

A branding agency will help you discover your uniqueness and build your reputation. They will also motivate your employees to become engaged with your brand. Branding is essential for business growth. By hiring a branding agency, your business can be stronger and more profitable.

Online marketing company

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting an online marketing company. One important factor is the service level of the company. It is crucial to choose an agency that delivers high-quality services with reliable communication and reporting. In addition, look for a comprehensive service agreement and proposal from prospective companies.

  • Professional Digital Properties

You should also look for a marketing company that has professional digital properties. These companies are more likely to deliver quality services. Also, check for customer reviews. Companies with numerous positive reviews will generally be reputable. If there are no customer testimonials, then you should proceed with caution. You should also ask for positions from businesses like to yours.

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