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The first phase of any Interior Design project consists of defining the scope and schedule. This includes developing initial concepts and researching client requirements and company branding standards. The next phase of the design process is called programming and involves the identification of end user and client needs. The programming phase also focuses on the existing conditions of the commercial space and the zoning requirements of the locality.

Studio Collective

Studio Collective is a Brisbane-based interior design studio that specializes in residential and commercial projects. Their joinery features curvy lines and warm colours, complementing natural surfaces. Their work includes open and concealed storage, as well as floating open shelving. The team has collaborated with local businesses such as Kingaroy Joinery and Cooper Small.

Jessica Ash, the owner of Studio Collective, received her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She also studied Fibers and Architectural History. She is passionate about all aspects of design and has previous experience in boutique hospitality design. In addition to creating beautiful homes, Studio Collective specializes in transforming the spaces of commercial and public buildings.

Nicole Fuller

Nicole Fuller is a multi-faceted interior design firm that specializes in upscale residential and commercial projects. Her award-winning designs have been featured in numerous interior design publications, and her work is synonymous with sophisticated, nuanced luxury and attention to detail. Nicole Fuller’s work is a culmination of her experience and expertise, resulting in spaces as one-of-a-kind as her clients.

Known for her upscale residential interiors, Fuller has won the trust of many of the world’s most notable clients. As an expert in contemporary design, her projects combine classic elements with modern pieces to create timeless interiors. She also works with architects and builders to reconfigure existing space and specify every detail.

kati curtis design

Residential and commercial interior design is an important aspect of building a healthy, functional space. If you are looking for a professional to make over the interior of your home or business, Kati Curtis Design is the place to go. The New York-based designer is a LEED Accredited Professional with years of experience and is dedicated to creating a space that is not only beautiful but also energy efficient.

The full-service interior design company is located in New York City and Los Angeles and specializes in classic and global design. The firm has the skills and expertise to transform any space into a work of art. Their work has featured high-end hotels, office spaces for tech companies and residential spaces. Their attention to detail, paired with their commitment to creating custom results, has gained them a worldwide reputation.

Mr. James

Mr. James is a native of South Carolina and has a passion for design. At the age of 18, he gutted his first rental apartment and began doing home renovations. Since then, he has completed a variety of projects and has gained a broad understanding of landscaping and carpentry. In 2002, he moved to New York City, where he worked as a project manager for a high-end architecture design-build firm. While working there, Mr. James completed national corporate retail window concepts for brands like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. He also worked on renovations for restaurants and nightclubs in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

James has extensive experience in all phases of the design process, from concept design through programming to construction administration. His extensive experience in residential and commercial interior design enables him to provide a full spectrum of design services.

Business model

Having a business plan for your interior design company is essential if you hope to achieve success. It will help you stay on track and avoid losing focus. Without a plan, you may end up spending too much time and money on projects that don’t produce the desired results.


Whether you are looking to create a stunning new home or a commercial space, the budget for residential or commercial interior design is an important part of the process. Interior designers will charge a set price for the work, and it is best to have a firm understanding of the price before you hire them. Many companies charge by the square footage of the space, so a 10,000 square foot property with 6,000 square feet of outdoor space will likely require an interior design fee of $96,000.

During this phase, designers will begin by defining the scope and scheduling of the project. This will help them develop initial concepts and a budget. Once they have these, they will begin the programming phase. At this point, the designer will research the brand standards of the client, as well as the needs of the end user. They will also create a budget, and analyze the existing conditions of the commercial space, such as local code requirements.

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