Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education at Gettysburg College


The Center for Global Education offers semester-long, credit-bearing global study opportunities for students in all majors. The program is led by a faculty engaged in research and teaching around the world. Its alumni work to tackle complex problems in the world. Sixty percent of Gettysburg College students participate in global study for at least one semester. Gettysburg students represent every major.

Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education (CGE) offers students access to thousands of courses in hundreds of locations around the world. Students can take courses in any field of study, from business to education, and are able to gain international experience through service-learning and internships. Additionally, the Center offers scholarships to help fund the cost of their studies. These scholarships are often targeted to underserved student populations and specific locations.

The Center for Global Education promotes international education through cross-cultural awareness, cooperation, and understanding. In today’s global society, global perspectives are essential for success. To achieve this, CGE works with global partners and engages in research and evaluation. While most instruments and research focus on intercultural learning, the benefits of study abroad are now receiving increased attention.

Courses offered

The Center for Global Education and Exchange was established in May 1996 and provides study abroad advising and Japanese language education. It was a key part of the internationalization of the University. In addition to providing off-campus study abroad opportunities, the Center for Global Education organized the Global Education Program and conducted international events. In 2011, the Center was incorporated into the Mori Institute for Higher Education.

The Center for Global Education is a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary organization that helps faculty and students connect with international partners. It also supports faculty and staff in making the global nature of Bates education explicit. Students can also take courses at the Center for Global Education to learn about international issues and engage in cross-cultural exploration.

Locations worldwide

The Center for Global Education provides assistance to international students in navigating the American college environment, study abroad, and other campus international activities. The center’s mission is to enhance global understanding by facilitating the exchange of students, faculty, and scholars. The organization believes that international exchange is crucial for furthering academic learning and building global respect.

The Center for Global Education promotes international education and cross-cultural awareness by fostering cross-cultural understanding, cooperation, and understanding. Learning from a global perspective is critical to living in a world society. To do this, the Center for Global Education collaborates with other organizations and supports their efforts to further international education.

Hours of operation

If you are considering studying abroad and are looking for more information about the program, the Center for Global Education can be a great place to start. The Center offers more than 500 courses in hundreds of locations around the world. It can also help you apply for a semester abroad. Applications are due December 2 and can be obtained from the Center.

The Center for Global Education is the hub of global learning and engagement for the college. It consists of several departments, including the Office of Study Abroad, English for Academic and Professional Purposes, and International Undergraduate Student Support. The Center assists international students and NTC students in their pursuit of global learning and cross-cultural engagement.

Contact information

The Center for Global Education is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building, number 32 on the campus map. For information about courses, locations, and advising, contact the Center for Global Education. The Center also provides CUSafelyBack updates and information on Fall/Academic Year 2023 semester abroad applications.

The Center for Global Education is part of the University’s mission to cultivate a global perspective through teaching and research. It is also home to UCM’s Study Abroad office, English Language Institute, and a number of other services for international students. However, most inquiries about international students should be directed to the Office of Graduate and International Student Services.

The Center for Global Education fosters international education by promoting global awareness, cooperation, and understanding. It focuses on the development of critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills, and provides access to experiences and resources beyond the classroom. It collaborates with universities and colleges all over the world, so students can gain valuable insights from various perspectives.

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