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Sustagen is a nutritional supplement beverage brand, available in ready-to-drink and powdered forms. It is manufactured by Nestle’s food science division, and has products for people with a variety of dietary needs. These include products that are high in fibre and protein, and those with added probiotics.

sustagen powder

Sustagen is a powdered nutritional supplement that is available in many flavors. It is nutritionally complete, containing a variety of vitamins and minerals. It also has a low GI and a high protein content. It is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Sustagen is intended for athletes and bodybuilders.

Sustagen Everyday Vanilla flavour provides a great tasting nutritional drink that gives you energy for most of the day. It is a perfect mid-morning snack, as well as a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon. The powder contains non-fat milk solids, plus minerals and vitamins.

sustagen kids

Sustagen kids is a nutritious milk supplement that contains DHA, fiber, and other nutrients. It’s scientifically formulated to meet the requirements of the Food Pyramid, and helps your child grow up healthy and strong. Plus, Sustagen kids contains important nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, and other nutrients.

It’s a complete nutrition for children, and comes in a variety of flavors. There are flavored powders, and pre-mixed milk drinks. There’s also Sustagen Sport, a special sport formulation available in chocolate and vanilla flavours. It’s ideal for athletes and other active children, and the hospital formula is high in protein.

sustagen junior

Sustagen Junior 1+ is a delicious nutritional drink. It meets 80% of the Recommended Nutrient Intake for Malaysians. Sustagen is available in 3 delicious flavors and is a great addition to your balanced diet. It also contains a multi-defense system, which may help prevent heart disease. Its ingredients are rich in postassium and magnesium, which have protective effects on blood pressure. It also contains calcium and Vitamin D, which help maintain bone health. In addition, it contains vitamins A and C, which promote normal immune function and protect your body from oxidative stress.

Sustagen Junior contains nutrients from the five food groups and helps children grow up healthy and strong. It is also a source of zinc and iron, which are crucial for children’s growth and development. Mead Johnson, the company that created Sustagen, has over a century of experience in the field of pediatric nutrition.

sustagen for adults

Sustagen for adults is a nutritional supplement that contains moderate amounts of protein. It helps maintain lean muscle mass, and its unique blend of casein and soy protein supports heart health. It contains 21.6 g of protein per serving, and 43.8 grams of carbohydrates. Each serving contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, iron, and zinc.

Sustagen is formulated for adults and is specially designed to support balanced nutrition and promote healthy ageing. It also contains a variety of nutrients that can help you boost immunity, maintain bone health, and improve your overall wellbeing. You can use Sustagen for adults in combination with your daily diet to ensure that you have the proper amount of energy to perform your daily tasks.

sustagen logo

The Sustagen logo is an integral part of its marketing strategy. It helps build a positive association with the Sustagen milk formula, and promotes the products’ healthy attributes. In addition, it features an illustrative design with appealing images of fruits and vegetables. The brand also uses its logo on its packaging.

Sustagen is a nutritional supplement beverage brand manufactured by the Mead Johnson Company. Its products are sold in many countries, including Brazil, Latin America, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. The logo features a tiger, a snake, and a lion. Sustagen available in a chocolate flavor. Sustagen contains a high-quality protein source, and a source of calcium and vitamin D.

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