What Makes Oradian a Valuable Investment For Your Bank?


This article will discuss the features of Oradian, including its cloud-based platform, its user-centric core banking product, and its tech market intelligence platform. You’ll also discover what makes it stand out from its competitors. We’ll examine how Oradian’s technology helps banks manage customer relations, and why it’s a valuable investment for your bank.


Oradian provides core banking software as a service, which helps financial institutions in emerging markets digitize their core banking activities. The company also offers capacity building services. Founded in 2012, Oradian has more than 80 customers in 12 countries, and a team of experienced professionals from a range of industries. The company’s mission is to enable financial inclusion.

Oradian has raised an undisclosed seed round to expand its team in Nigeria and expand its services across West Africa. It has raised funding from a number of investors, including Prague-based Credo Ventures, Playfair Capital, and Day One Capital. Oradian will use the funds to build out its Nigerian team and expand its team in Zagreb.

Oradian enables financial institutions to offer better services to their customers. The software also helps them lower their costs and improve their performance. In the process, they’ll be able to pass on these savings to their clients, which in turn mean lower transaction fees and lower interest rates.

Oradian Its cloud-based platform

Oradian, a fast-growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, has announced its partnership with Cantilan Bank, the first regulated financial institution in the Philippines. Together, the two companies will leverage cloud-based technology to offer digital financial services to remote communities.

Oradian’s cloud-based platform enables financial institutions to improve operational efficiency and lower costs, while scaling their services. The company’s expertise in financial inclusion and cloud computing has led to the creation of a community of 75 visionary financial institutions around the world. The company’s SaaS platform enables financial institutions to increase their clients’ access to money.

The Oradiaan cloud-based platform allows microfinance institutions to monitor loans, and manage customer data in real-time. Unlike traditional lending methods, which require customer documentation, Oradiaan’s system allows users to track loan activity and collect return data.

Oradian Its user-centric core banking product

Oradian is a global technology company that develops solutions for financial inclusion. Its cloud-based platform enables financial institutions to improve performance, access real-time data, and decrease costs. Oradiian user-centric core banking product empowers microfin to better serve their clients by providing real-time banking capabilities. Its solutions are designed specifically for this target market, and the company’s team of experts is drawn from a variety of industries.

Oradiian’s user-centric core bank platform Instafin enables financial institutions to improve operational efficiency and access data in real-time. It has customers in Ghana and Nigeria, and is expanding to other African markets. The company is led by three entrepreneurs, each with diverse backgrounds. Founder Julian Oehrlein hails from Germany, while Onyeka Adibeli is a Nigerian.

The first major financial institution in the Philippines to fully leverage cloud computing technology was Cantilan Bank. In a pilot project, which was funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the bank migrated all of its branches to the community cloud service provided by Oradian. This solution is accessed through the internet and connects Cantilan to the rest of the world.

Its tech market intelligence platform

Oradian is a global technology provider that specializes in financial inclusion and is developing a cloud-based core banking platform that enables financial institutions to scale services, reduce costs, and improve performance. The company’s tech market intelligence platform uses millions of data points to identify emerging trends and companies, and includes expert collections to focus on key technology areas.

The company serves financial institutions in emerging markets with its core banking platform as Software as a Service, allowing them to digitize and scale efficiently. With offices in the Philippines, Croatia, and Nigeria, the company has a rapidly-growing team of 90+ professionals. Its technology solutions help enable financial inclusion and microfinance.

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