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IMMO is building a next-generation asset management platform for institutional real estate investors. Built with tech and data, it connects institutional investors and consumers to solve major pain points in the industry. Its mission is to be the premier solution for real estate investors by solving major problems faced by both sellers and tenants. With its unique platform, IMMO is well positioned to become a global brand and achieve its goal of providing institutional investors with a new level of service.

IMMO Capital is a next-gen asset manager

IMMO Capital is a next-generation residential real estate portfolio manager and operating partner for institutional real estate investors. It offers a new way for investors to invest in residential real estate through the use of data, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI). With offices in London, Hamburg, and New Delhi, IMMO provides services across the value chain of residential real estate. The firm was founded in 2017 and has since grown to over 50 employees.

The company is headed by Todd Ruppert, who has more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry. His past experience includes serving as a co-president and president of T Rowe Price International, as well as co-founding Greenspring Associates. He also has a diverse background, serving as an advisor to several venture capital firms.

Founded in 2011, Mr. Glick has extensive experience as a capital raising executive and in managing real estate assets. Before joining IMMO Capital, he was an investment officer at Grosvenor Fund Management, a real estate operating company. He also held various positions at Lehman Brothers’ Investment Banking Division.

It is an operating partner to institutional real estate investors

Immo Capital is an operating partner to institutional real estate investors that is building a new kind of real estate asset management. The company focuses on the next generation of residential real estate portfolios and leverages technology, data, and artificial intelligence to manage the entire value chain. The company was founded in 2017 and has offices in London, Hamburg, and New Delhi. Its team comprises over 50 individuals.

Immo’s team includes seasoned real estate executives. Mark Falanga is a former professor of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. The team also includes Brian Finerty, who serves as a partner of Equity International. Previously, Brian served as a vice president at Madison Dearborn Partners, where he was responsible for sourcing deals in different real estate sectors. He also held various positions with Merrill Lynch, including as a senior analyst for its institutional clients.

The team is comprised of real estate experts with expertise in investment strategy, property management, and real estate analytics. The firm’s portfolios include commercial, residential, industrial, and office properties, as well as life sciences and alternative sectors. It focuses on building and managing its portfolios to achieve optimal balance between yield and growth.

It is building Europe’s largest residential fin-tech platform

The team behind IMMO has built a platform that connects buyers and sellers of real estate assets, and has been named a “Tech Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. The company is based in Berlin, but also has offices in Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. It aims to build Europe’s most comprehensive platform for institutional investors, and is looking forward to growing its business beyond its current focus on Germany and the United Kingdom.

With its unique model, IMMO will enable institutional investors to deploy capital across Europe’s single-family rental market. This sector is one of the largest in the world, and offers investors attractive risk-adjusted returns. However, the market is large and complex, and deploying capital in a systematic and scalable manner is a significant challenge. While multi-family developments and portfolios have become the standard for investing in residential real estate, IMMO will use its proprietary technology to source, appraise, and purchase single-family homes.

Immo’s platform offers a variety of financing options. A unique loan structure allows first-time buyers to build a deposit while paying rent. It also allows users to pay 5% of the purchase price until the property is worth at least the amount of their deposit.

It has been awarded Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

Immo, a global leader in Next-gen residential real estate, has recently received a prestigious honor from the World Economic Forum. This award recognizes companies that use groundbreaking technology to benefit society and the world. In the past, Technology Pioneers have been selected based on their innovation and potential impact. Throughout the next two years, the company will participate in several events in addition to leading panel discussions.

The award recognizes companies with a global vision to shape the future of innovation. This year’s class includes more than 100 Technology Pioneers, a group of growing, innovative companies focused on global challenges. The group includes startups that are making a difference in healthcare, education, the environment, and many other sectors. One-third of these companies are led by women, and over one-quarter come from diverse regions.

IMMO has recently raised $75 million in its Series B funding round. Its investors include some of the world’s largest venture capital firms. The firm has also received numerous awards, including the World Economic Forum’s Tech Pioneer Award.

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