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Revolutionary Data-Driven Market Intelligence


If you have ever wondered how to make the most of market intelligence, you’ve probably heard of some of the tools out there. These include ThoughtSpot, OpenTable, Snowflake, Health Market Research, and the like. Each of these tools can help you answer the questions you want answered.


With the help of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technology, ThoughtSpot delivers data-driven insights within seconds. Its search-based interface makes finding relevant data simple. Powered by machine learning and AI, ThoughtSpot can search through billions of rows of data. The platform also offers an easy-to-use interface on mobile devices.

While ThoughtSpot has been growing rapidly in the United States, Europe has always been one of its top priorities. Shortly after it started selling in North America, it opened a London office to meet the increasing demand from European enterprises. With a new office in the Netherlands, ThoughtSpot will have an opportunity to accelerate its growth in the Netherlands and continue to support its existing network of partners. It will also be better positioned to sell ThoughtSpot solutions to European companies.

ThoughtSpot can help companies turn billions of rows of data into actionable insights. Its artificial Market Intelligence engine, SpotIQ, is able to analyze the underlying data and alert users to new trends and patterns. ThoughtSpot has multiple deployment options, enabling customers to either bring data directly into ThoughtSpot or query it from popular data sources.


The restaurant reservation site OpenTable is trying to make its business better, and it’s relying on big data to do so. Data can help them understand what their customers like and dislike. This problem is complicated by the social element of eating out, as well as the nebulous nature of personal taste.

The company has been in business for more than 20 years and has insights from nearly 50,000 restaurants worldwide. It helps restaurants seat more covers, provide a personalized experience for each guest, and adapt to changing customer needs. With this market intelligence, OpenTable is helping restaurants change their operations to stay up-to-date and competitive.

Health Market Research

Data Driven Health is a cutting-edge artificial Market Intelligence company whose mission is to provide health care consumers with better data. The company is led by Sanjay Krishnamurthy, a healthcare professional with a proven track record of leading healthcare analytics solutions and growing businesses with innovative ideas. Sanjay was diagnosed with cancer in his mid-career, and his experience as a caregiver reinforced his passion to help people achieve better health.

The company has also developed tools for hospitals to evaluate their digital transformation strategy and expand telehealth and virtual care models. This information allows executives to innovate and serve patients better. By analyzing data, businesses can optimize their performance and increase profits. Despite these benefits, the health industry continues to lag behind when it comes to data-driven decision-making.


As more businesses become decentralized, more sophisticated tools are needed for better market intelligence. For example, a business may want to know how to best monitor the activities of its remote workers, but lack the resources to build a dedicated corporate IT infrastructure. In such a scenario, a platform like ThoughtSpot can prove invaluable. Its Customer 360deg analytics tool combines the insights of multiple data sources to provide the most detailed customer insights. It also has integrations with Snowflake, an enterprise-grade zero-management data warehouse.

To use a BI tool, you need to understand the marketplaces where your customers and prospects are active. This will enable you to determine the media mix and touchpoints that will best target these audiences. Understanding the customer journey and the behaviors of each person in a particular marketplace will also help you determine the right products to sell to them

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