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Harrison Assessments are based on two foundational theories. One is the Paradox Theory. Paradoxes are situations in which two statements are seemingly opposite but are actually dependent upon each other. The theory of paradoxes is relevant in the application of Harrison Assessments, which have been used to identify and measure various personality types and traits for over fifty years.


The Harrison Assessments are a series of challenging tests designed to help employers identify the best candidates for open positions. Prepterminal’s Harrison Assessment Prep Course guides candidates through the cognitive and behavioral elements of the tests. It also includes practice tests and study guides to ensure candidates are fully prepared for the test.

Modern-day psychology & human resources

These tools are based on a comprehensive understanding of modern-day psychology and human resources. The Harrison Assessments team’s award-winning cloud-based technology helps companies make informed hiring decisions. Their personal analysis reports are useful for many different situations, including recruiting, selecting talent, and understanding your own personality. The Harrison Assessments community also uses award-winning cloud-based technology to provide transformative teaching tools.

Job-specific behavioral factors

The Harrison SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 talent factors in 25 minutes. It compares the results to job-specific behavioral factors. Another innovative tool, the Harrison Paradox Technology, measures employees’ ability to deal with paradoxical pairs of behaviors. Self-confidence can be a powerful asset, but it can also lead to dogmatism. By assessing employees’ behavior, this test can identify their strengths and pinpoint 40 possible derailers.


Harrison Assessments SmartQuestionnaire helps HR professionals identify candidates with the skills, values and motivations needed for the job. The comprehensive assessment measures behavioral competencies, environmental preferences and interests. Unlike standard tests, Harrison Assessments SmartQuestionnaire is an assessment that measures how likely a candidate is to be happy in their role. A happy employee is more likely to perform well, stick with the company and be engaged.

  • The Harrison Assessments SmartQuestionnaire measures more than one hundred factors that determine whether a person is suitable for a certain job. It evaluates the potential employee’s job satisfaction and engagement in a comprehensive way, and calculates a total score. This tool also detects deception, which minimizes legal risk for the employer.
  • The SmartQuestionnaire is designed to be difficult to manipulate. As such, if the answers are skewed, the system notifies the person, requiring a retake. Additionally, the SmartQuestionnaire’s statements are positive and are ranked, unlike other tests. This is done to prevent skewed responses. Despite this, Harrison Assessments are not a pass or fail test; you can earn a high score if you take the test seriously and honestly.
  • The Harrison Assessments SmartQuestionnaire is a comprehensive test that measures more than one hundred job-related behavioral factors in less than 25 minutes. This information is helpful for coaching and talent development. With an accurate score, employers can determine which of their candidates have the right characteristics and aptitudes to succeed.

Harrison’s Organizational Development Assessment

The Harrison’s Organizational Development Assessment (ODA) helps companies build highly engaged cultures and retain key talent. This data-driven approach maps organizational behavior and talent needs to create and sustain a high-performance work environment. This tool is also able to measure employee engagement and track improvements over time.

Predictive Analytics

This assessment is powered by predictive analytics. It measures more than one hundred workplace factors, including engagement, leadership paradoxes, emotional intelligence, and personality. It also assesses a person’s passion for their job and their organization’s culture. It provides a comprehensive analysis that enables employers to create and implement strategies and development plans.

Leaders Manage Paradoxes

The Harrison Assessment is designed to help leaders manage paradoxes. Leaders must be able to face tension, defensiveness, and uncertainty and still lead in a way that is productive. Managing paradoxes creates new insights and creative opportunities for businesses. By using the proprietary Paradox Technology, the Assessment helps leaders identify and implement a plan to effectively manage these situations.

Trusted consultant

This online assessment tool was recommended by a trusted consultant. It has been used by BCRA to identify the best candidates and improve organizational performance. The comprehensive data it provided and the elevated level of accuracy impressed BCRA.

Harrison’s Eligibility Assessment

If you are a job seeker and are concerned that you may not be eligible for a particular job, consider taking Harrison’s Eligibility Assessment. This assessment measures 12 traits that are paradoxical in nature. Each trait has a dominant and a weaker counterpart. As a result, it is important to find a balance between the traits. The Harrison assessment can help you determine your job fit and performance.

Different levels of education and work experience

It is an assessment tool that is used by numerous employers to determine who fits their culture. This tool combines different levels of education and work experience to determine if you are the best candidate for a specific role. The results are then used to calculate an overall eligibility score that will serve as a guideline throughout the recruitment process.

  • In addition to a career-focused assessment, Harrison Assessments provides a variety of employment tests. These tests utilize Harrison Assessments’ proprietary job analysis. This tool helps employers identify behaviors that are critical to the success of their business. Harrison Assessments uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that its tests are reliable and authentic.

Psychometric test

The Harrison Assessment is a psychometric test that helps organizations weed out unqualified candidates. It measures the strengths and weaknesses of applicants against the minimum requirements for the job. Typically, it is administered at the beginning of the hiring process, allowing hiring managers to save time and avoid hiring ineffective candidates.

Harrison’s Paradox Technology

Harrison Assessments provides award-winning solutions that match people’s skills and passions with company-specific jobs. Its Paradox Technology identifies employees three times more likely to achieve business results, reduces administration time, and helps organizations engage top talent and build high-performing teams. It is used to predict performance in a wide range of industries.

Analyzes the behavior of employee

Paradox Technology is an assessment tool that analyzes the behavior of employees in a variety of settings. It measures how well employees manage seemingly opposite, contradictory, or overlapping behaviors. It helps to identify behavioral imbalances and stress, and it is particularly useful in determining a person’s communication style. The assessment uses a 12-point scale that helps identify the positive and negative attributes of individuals.

Dan Harrison

Paradox Technology is a tool developed by Dan Harrison. This tool is based on his findings and allows employers to assess whether employees are genuine strengths or derailers. A paradoxical communication style can cause conflict, derail teamwork, and result in costly employee turnover. Harrison’s Paradox Technology measures the balance between these two opposite behaviors.

Personal & Professional Lives

The Paradox concept allows leaders to understand contradictory behaviors that impact relationships. Ultimately, it allows leaders to achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. In addition, it allows for better relationships and performance. Harrison Assessments’ Paradox technology also helps leaders to improve learning, action, and relationships.


The Harrison Assessment is an online testing tool used for assessing a candidate’s personality, work preferences and potential for internal advancement. Many employers use this testing as part of the hiring process. The test is a 5-minute, online pre-assessment that reveals a lot about an applicant.

Harrison headquartered

Harrison Assessments is headquartered in Dover, Idaho. It employs 11 to 20 people and generates between $1 million and $5 million annually. It uses proprietary and public data sources to compile its results. Some of the data sources include the BLS and company filings. Other sources include H1B visa filings and other publicly available datasets.

The Harrison Assessment takes into account an employee’s compatibility with an employer, which predicts engagement and retention. While some other companies may use one-way assessments to measure a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, Harrison’s assessment provides a more accurate and comprehensive picture of the potential employee and employer. Harrison claims that no other assessment provider offers this comprehensive solution.

Another foundational theory of the Harrison Assessment is the Paradox Theory. Paradox theory is a set of two statements that appear to be opposite and contradictory. In the case of the Harrison Assessment, the two opposite traits are interdependent and dependent upon each other. This means that a person with a paradoxical trait is more likely to succeed in a role.

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