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Jess is a full-time Aesthetic Therapist at Dream Spa Medical. She has always been fascinated with skin care and decided aesthetics was the right path for her. She started out part-time and loved it so much that she decided to make it her career. She loves getting to know every patient by name and building relationships. She is an expert at analyzing the face and creating a customized treatment plan that delivers outstanding results.

Dream Spa Medical Team

The Dream Spa Medical Team is comprised of dedicated individuals who have the same passion for beauty as their patients. Katie enjoys getting to know her patients and seeing them smile when they look and feel their best. Anna has been working at Dream Spa Medical for five years and has completed several education programs. She has a love for all things beauty-related, and she is a perfectionist when it comes to assessing each patient’s face.

Diana Brouillard is the owner of Dream Spa Medical, which opened its first location in Brookline, Massachusetts in May 2013. She is a hands-on entrepreneur and believes in empowering others. She knew that if she jumped into the aesthetics business, it would be successful. Dream Spa Medical’s second location in Brookline, MA opened in August 2014.

Dream Spa Medical is overseen by Dr. Joseph Russo, a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon. His team offers the latest in skin treatments, from collagen and Vi peels to Botox and laser hair removal. He also offers a unique, noninvasive treatment called Hydrafacial.

Dream Spa Medical office

Zoe is one of the first people you meet when you walk into the Dream Spa Medical office in Brookline. She is responsible for establishing patient relationships and curating the entire patient experience. She has a deep appreciation for the science behind aesthetics, and believes in empowering clients through education and experience. Having completed several educational programs, Zoe is comfortable with numbers and people and is committed to providing the best possible experience for patients.

Before founding Dream Spa Medical, Diana Russo was the business director at Dream Smile Dental Companies, which she joined in 2005. She then went on to obtain her license in medical aesthetics, working as an aesthetician for a number of years. As a medical aesthetic nurse, she believes in providing personalized client care and tailoring treatments to the needs of her clients.

Aesthetics is a challenging business, and starting a medical practice is no small feat. However, Dr. Russo brought together a talented group of professionals and encouraged them to put in the necessary time and dedication. Building a client base and keeping up with industry changes takes patience.

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When people walk into Dream Spa Medical, the first person they see is Zoe. She is passionate about customer service and curating the experience for patients. Her goal is to make each person feel comfortable and happy. She trusts that everyone is exclusive & superior. In order to achieve that, she has completed several educational programs in the beauty industry.

She is a board certified plastic surgeon and a Harvard-trained beauty expert. She has won several awards for her work with Juvederm and Botox, and is a leader in the field of laser hair removal. She also founded the Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts, and is currently the medical director at Dream Spa Medical. She is thrilled to offer clients a variety of treatments, including laser hair removal, which can help them achieve their goals.

She has been working at Dream Spa Medical since 2012. Before joining the team, Nicole was a patient. She felt welcomed and cared for by the staff.

Dream Spa Medical bridal membership

If you’re getting married soon, you may want to consider a Dream Spa Medical bridal membership. These memberships offer a variety of benefits, including a 15% discount on all products. These memberships are available online and in salons, and you can also use them in the comfort of your own home. While they don’t provide medical advice, they can be helpful if you’re unsure about any question you may have.

For more information, visit the Dream Spa Medical website. The company also offers a bridal concierge service. These concierges can help you find the right bridal gown for your big day. They will also help you arrange a wedding day timeline. A bridal membership can save you a ton of time and money.


When choosing between the various treatments offered at Dream Spa Medical, you should think about what is right for you. The treatments offered here are customized for your skin type and concerns. You can choose to enhance your natural beauty or get more drastic results with a few treatments. Jess is a trained aesthetician, so she understands that every client is different and needs a personalized plan. Whether you are looking to get your skin looking younger, smoother, or more vibrant, she can help you find the perfect solution.

The first face patients see when they enter Dream Spa Medical is Zoe. She is responsible for developing and maintaining patient relationships. Her passion for creating a positive experience is evident in the way she curates your treatment. She values the opportunity to make people happy, and enjoys learning about new ways to improve their appearance.

In addition to facials and chemical peels, Dream Spa Medical also offers advanced laser treatments. These laser treatments are designed to address a variety of cosmetic concerns. You can learn more about each of these treatments by scheduling a consultation.

LASER Treatments

Dream Spa Medical is a medical spa that offers advanced laser treatments to address a range of cosmetic problems. These procedures use lasers to target fat deposits, causing the fat cells to rupture and release their contents. Their experienced staff is skilled at laser hair removal and other cosmetic procedures. Patients can learn more about the services they can expect during a consultation.

Dream Spa Medical offers a variety of services for women and men, including LASER hair removal. Patients should come prepared for their appointment. It is important to avoid wearing too much makeup, perfume, and lotion, and to shave the treatment area. Aside from the laser treatment, other services offered at Dream Spa Medical include chemical peels, facials, and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Body Treatments

If you want to improve your body shape, body contouring treatments at Dream Spa Medical in Brookline are the right choice. They’ll help you eliminate a number of problems, including cellulite, excess sweating, skin tags, and stubborn pockets of fat. Plus, they’re safe and effective.

Zoe is one of the first faces patients see when they walk into Dream Spa Medical. She curates their experience and builds relationships with patients. She values the impact she can have on a patient’s life, and she’s passionate about making every client happy. She also enjoys making people look and feel great.

The Dream Spa Medical team works with a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon to provide the most cutting-edge body treatments available. These include laser hair removal, collagen treatments, Botox, and Vi peels. The team also offers noninvasive treatments, like Hydrafacial.

Hair restoration face band body rejuvenation

Jess Gibson, Aesthetic Nurse at Dream Spa Medical, started out as a makeup artist, then pursued her license from Catherine Hinds Institute. She became a licensed aesthetic nurse and is proud to offer custom treatments to each client. Jess focuses on creating a patient-centric environment that ensures a personalized experience and optimal results.

She studied cosmetology throughout high school and worked in the field for about a year. However, she knew that she wanted to go beyond cosmetology and pursue a career in aesthetics. She was attracted to the science behind aesthetics, and went on to complete additional training at the National Laser Institute. Afterwards, she worked at a laser clinic in the Back Bay area, but wanted a bigger challenge. She chose Dream Spa Medical for its variety of procedures and the overall care that is provided to patients.

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