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Peter Ross, a founding partner of Summit Venture Management Partners, has been investing in companies for over two decades. He specializes in the technology sector. His portfolio includes more than thirty companies, 18 of which are publicly traded. Previously, he worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions department of Goldman Sachs. He has an AB in economics and an MBA from Stanford University. In addition to being an active investor, he also serves on the board of several venture capital funds.

Equity investors on business & brand growth

Summit Venture Management works with equity investors to help companies grow. The firm specializes in the technology sector. It has invested in over 30 companies, 18 of which have become publicly traded. Partners include Peter Ross, who joined the firm in 1994. Prior to joining Summit, Ross was with Goldman Sachs, where he held leadership roles in the Mergers and Acquisitions group. He holds an AB in economics from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University.

Summit works to help companies grow through growth-oriented consulting and operations support. They have dedicated teams focused on areas such as revenue enhancement, operational optimization, infrastructure scaling, and talent and recruiting.

Brand and Business Strategy

Summit Venture Management is an investment firm focused on building brands and businesses. Its investment strategy is rooted in creating culture-building companies that build on diversity and inclusion. Its team consists of nearly two hundred individuals working in four global offices. While its investment strategy focuses on helping companies build successful brands and businesses, the firm also focuses on the growth of individuals and teams. Its people are a critical component of its success, and the firm strives to create a diverse environment that is inclusive, fair, and tolerant of all perspectives.

Summit Venture Management has a strong global network of partners. Its founder, John Grubb, has over three decades of experience in the branded consumer products industry. He has held executive-level positions at retail, manufacturing, consulting, and private equity firms. His experience includes working with many sophisticated CPG companies worldwide and with high-growth entrepreneurial organizations.

Market and Consumer Insights

Market and consumer insights are a critical component of product or service innovation. They provide an in-depth knowledge of markets, customers, and competitors. They also include recommendations for action. Summit Venture Management consults and partners are well-equipped to support these efforts.

Innovation and Brand Expression

The founder of Summit Venture Management, John Grubb, has more than three decades of experience in branded consumer products, including executive roles in manufacturing, retail and consulting. His experience includes working with large global CPG companies, private equity firms and high growth entrepreneurial organizations. In addition, he has worked with philanthropic organizations and governmental agencies.

Summit Venture Management is an intellectual property investment and licensing firm focused on bringing new technologies to market. He or she will work with companies and startups to identify and protect their intellectual property and help them commercialize their ideas. The company works with companies that are in the early stage of development or are well-established to help them commercialize new technologies.

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