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Xander Budnick overview


Xander Budnick is a Canadian YouTube content creator who creates videos about wild camping, wilderness training, and survival skills. His videos are popular with half a dozen of them having reached over one million views. Xander Budnick lives in Ontario, Canada and has been filming outdoor adventures since he was a kid. He enjoys bush crafting, camping, and canoeing in this stunning province.

Xander Budnick is a YouTuber

Xander Budnick is an avid YouTuber and social media influencer who is best known for his videos on camping, white water canoeing, and survival training in the Canadian wilderness. He started his channel in 2007, and he has since amassed 377,000 subscribers with over 39 million views on his videos after fourteen years of posting. Despite his popularity, Xander Budnick remains relatively private about his personal life. He prefers not to disclose the details of his relationship status, ex-girlfriends, or previous hookups.

Most popular video

The most popular video on his channel is a three-day winter camping excursion in deep snow and temperatures four degrees below zero Fahrenheit (20 below zero Celsius). This video has received over twenty million views. In addition to his camping adventures, Xander Budnick also posts how-to tutorials on a variety of outdoor activities. For instance, he makes videos showing how to build bushcraft shelters and tarps. His brother, Dylan, also joins him on some of his expeditions. One of their most recent adventures is a two-day canoeing and camping trip down the Mississauga River in Ontario, Canada.

He is a wildlife traveler.

Xander Budnick is a Canadian based prankster and self-proclaimed animal lover. He is a fan of all things furry and has a penchant for the latest in-home theater tech. Despite having a family of his own, he prefers to spend his spare time on the go. He is a self-proclaimed mascot and is a big fan of all things furry, including a burgeoning obsession with dogs. Xander is the proud holder of the aforementioned award for best dog of the litter and has a healthy dose of the competitive gene. Having a knack for all things furry he has a plethora of wacky animal-loving escapades on his calendar.

He has an estimated net worth of $450,000.

Xander Budnick is a YouTube influencer and social media celebrity who posts videos of his outdoor adventures. He has an impressive YouTube channel with over 400K subscribers and is constantly growing his fan base with almost 40 million views per day. He also earns a fair amount of money through modeling, but his biggest source of income is from his YouTube channel. As of 2021, he had an estimated net worth of $450,000. He started his YouTube channel in 2007 and has posted more than one hundred and thirty-three videos to date.

He is a model.

Xander Budnick is a Canadian model who makes a name for himself with his YouTube videos. He is an expert at camping, whitewater canoeing, and survival training in the wild. He has a massive following on his YouTube channel, and his content is often viewed more than forty million times per day. His videos range from short clips of him hiking to more extensive expeditions.

Xander Budnick camping solo in the wilderness.

A recent video of him camping solo in the wilderness earned over twenty million views, which is no small feat! He also records other interesting feats, such as being the first to set up a bushcraft shelter in the wild. Xander Budnick is a natural-born outdoorsman, and his passion for the outdoors is what inspired him to start creating videos on YouTube. He also enjoys interacting with his fans on social media and has built a large following. His Instagram account has more than 60k followers, and his YouTube channel has over 400k subscribers.

Xander Budnick is a social media influencer.

Xander Budnick is a YouTuber and social media influencer who specializes in camping, white water canoeing, and survival training. He has over 400K subscribers and is still rapidly growing his following. His fans are very curious about his relationship status. Some websites are quick to make a judgment on his relationship, but it is unclear whether they are dating or not.

Xander Budnick adventures

Xander Budnick enjoys spending time in nature and he often records his adventures in the Canadian wilderness. Some of his videos are solo trips where he tries to survive for several days in the wild without seeing anyone else. His most popular video is “3 Days Solo Winter Camping – deep snow, no tent, below -20degC” which has garnered 22 million views. In addition to a number of other solo adventure videos, he also posts content related to his love for whitewater canoeing and rock climbing.

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