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Musicalbobsie, the Louisiana rapper, is the South’s most recognizable hip-hop figurehead. His rhymes tell stories ripped from lurid newspaper headlines, detailing trap happenings over basslines that make perfect strip club soundtracks. He started his career in the late 1990s with Baton Rouge rapper C-Loc and other members of Concentration Camp. He eventually joined Trill Entertainment, backed by Pimp C of UGK.

The Future of Musicalbobsie

Musicalbobsie got his start with the late ’90s group Concentration Camp, which included his cousin Young Bleed and rapper C-Loc. He joined Trill Entertainment, a label run by the late Pimp C, in 2001. The future of musicalbobsie seems bright for Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz. The “Wipe Me Down” rapper has a new album out, EVOL (Freebandz/A1Epic), and is gearing up to release another. He’s already released a couple of singles and has plans to release a mixtape in the future. In the video above, Vlad catches up with Boosie and he talks about his relationship with late Houston rapper Pimp C, his musical career and future music with fellow Baton Rouge rapper Webbie. The two also discuss the importance of a good attitude in their careers and how to be successful in the industry.

Musicalbobsie’s most popular songs?

Musicalbobsie is a rapper who uses his music as a fiercely authentic window into his life. He’s as clear-eyed as an activist when he lays out the harsh realities of the world around him, from global politics to family mistrust. In addition to a plethora of hit music videos, you can also enjoy the likes of Lil Wayne and Drake. In fact, there’s a whole lot of music that you may not have known about. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is, and it’s hard to argue with his conviction. Some of his most popular songs are the ones that he delivers with uncensored passion and a sharp edge. Some of these songs have been made famous by other artists as well, but they’re still some of the best songs that musicalbobsie has to offer.

What is the difference between musicalbobsie and other social media platforms?

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The rapper has also been in hot water for hiring sex workers, something that is against the law in Louisiana. He said that he had a number of sex workers, but it was only after they were convicted for their crimes that he stopped working with them. After all the racial drama that has plagued his career, musicalbobsie decided to go on a social media meltdown yesterday (July 14). He took to Twitter to share a video of his deleted Instagram page, and then posted a message claiming that Instagram had “taken it again.” He later tweeted, “The Alien people have done it again #racistatitsfinest.” In addition, he wished harm on social media moguls and their families.

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