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Kevin Mathewson Appointed to Emergency Planning Commission


A former Kenosha alderman, kevin mathewson is an avid sports fan. He is also an industrial designer who has worked for a number of sports facilities at Virginia Tech.

During his aldermanic career, he was known for his adherence to the rules. He was also known for his honesty and integrity.

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Kevin Mathewson is a former alderman from Kenosha, Wisconsin. He is known for his controversial political views and has been accused of slandering people in his community who don’t agree with him.

He is also a private investigator, security contractor and journalist. He has been accused of slandering people on social media in his personal time.

In August, after seeing the destruction left behind by anti-police-violence protests in Kenosha, he posted a call on Facebook for citizens to arm themselves. He deemed himself the commander of the group, which became known as the Kenosha Guard.

His call to arms sparked a violent response, which propelled civilians bearing military-style rifles onto the streets of downtown Kenosha. Later, a gunman scuffling with protesters shot two of them dead.

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Kevin mathewson is a former Kenosha alderman, private investigator, security contractor and journalist. He is a Christian and loves his family.

He lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin with his wife and two children. He enjoys running, reading and camping.

He was appointed by Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman to the Local Emergency Planning Committee. He has been a vocal critic of the current board leadership and received a lot of email messages from constituents opposing his appointment, said Andy Berg.

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A former city alderman and a freelance private detective, Mathewson also operates Kenosha County Eye, a website that covers crime news and political topics in the county. Kerkman appointed him to the commission, which she said has a legal responsibility to monitor and report on the county’s chemical emergency response plan.

On Tuesday night, he put out a call to arms on the Facebook page of his fledgling militia group Kenosha Guard. That triggered an avalanche of messages from people across Wisconsin and beyond, seeking to guard Kenosha.

It was a provocative move, but one that quickly gained national attention as a sign of the escalating spirit of vigilantism that has recently hit cities around the country. Among other things, Mathewson declared himself a “militia commander” and encouraged people armed with guns to come to Kenosha on Aug. 25, 2020, the third night of protests following Jacob Blake’s death and the shooting of a man by police.

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A former Kenosha alderman, Kevin Mathewson has been appointed to a seat on the county’s Emergency Planning Commission by Kenosha County Executive Kerkman. He is an unqualified, hyper-partisan and a dangerous choice for the commission to which he has been nominated, according to many residents of Kenosha County.

In August, Mathewson posted a “call to arms” on his Facebook page for people to defend Kenosha from Black Lives Matter protesters. The post spread quickly, sparking a national response from supporters.

Several hundred people signed up for the event, and it eventually had around 4,000 followers. Infowars, a website that traffics in conspiracy theories, amplified the call to arms, and local right-wing radio stations also picked up on it.

After Facebook questioned Mathewson about the post, the social media giant took down the account and banned him from Facebook for life, according to an email sent by the company to the Bulletin on October 4. It was a violation of the company’s “dangerous organizations policy” that prohibits groups or individuals engaged in violence from using the platform, the email stated.


After protests erupted in Kenosha following the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, former alderman Kevin Mathewson posted on his Facebook page, calling for armed resistance. Soon after, the militia group Kenosha Guard was born.

On August 25, 2020, the third night of protests, Mathewson, a private detective, sent a post to his group. He asked people armed with rifles to come to Kenosha and defend the city. He was later arrested for facilitating the crime. He is facing charges of facilitating murder, and is accused of recruiting on 4chan and InfoWars, outlets that are known to draw neo-nazi violent impressionable misanthropes. A petition circulating online calls for him to be charged as an accessory to murder and has 1,650 signatures. The Bulletin has questioned Mathewson and his Facebook account, but did not get any response from him.

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