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Racine DA Details Charges in john steinbrink jr Case


John steinbrink jr Case: Dalia Racine brings nearly 15 years of prosecutorial experience to her new position as assistant district attorney in Racine County. She is committed to upholding the laws of Wisconsin and pursuing justice for all with skill, honor, professionalism, and integrity.

She has also served as an AEquitas Legal Advisor, where she helped law enforcement and prosecutors work together on gender-based violence investigations and prosecutions. She has a deep commitment to helping women in criminal court and is a strong advocate for women’s rights.

Prosecutor’s Statement

The Racine DA has released more details about charges against former Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director John Steinbrink Jr. The prosecutor says that Steinbrink abused his power at least six times.

One incident involves him ordering DPW employees to alter a road work project invoice to include items that were not included in the contract. Another involves him forging documents required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

He also ordered village employees to alter a dump truck that was scheduled to be sold at auction and a wood chipper that was purchased by his girlfriend.

He also allegedly had employees come to his home and help pour concrete on his property. These projects reportedly took place early February 2020. He also reportedly directed a village employee to park his vehicle on the property behind the pole barn, which he owns. This was all done without any approval by the village or county. Those are allegations that strike at the heart of public trust and are not acceptable.


The Racine County District Attorney (DA) released details today on the charges against former Village of Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director John Steinbrink Jr. He is currently charged with one count of Theft – False Representation between $10,000 and $100,000, and six counts of felony Misconduct in Public Office – Excess Authority.

He will be back in court for a status conference later this week, likely at 2:45 PM. He will also be given a signature bond of $25,000, and will be prohibited from having any contact with current or former employees of the village until trial.

The DA is certainly going the extra mile and the jury will decide on the fate of a man who abused his authority in multiple ways. If convicted, he could face up to decades in prison on the most serious charges. But, he isn’t the only bad apple in town. If the Kenosha DA misses the mark, it’s not just his job at risk; it is the taxpayers of Kenosha who suffer.

John steinbrink jr pleasant prairie: Net Worth, Family & his life

Defense Statement

The Racine DA has detailed a lot of the charges against former Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director John Steinbrink Jr. They are about theft, misconduct in public office and forging documents.

The DA is claiming that Steinbrink abused his authority on at least six occasions, including the sale of a dump truck and wood chipper, forging temperature documentation, and ordering village employees to alter road work project invoices.

In court today, ADA Steenrod asked the judge to prohibit Steinbrink from talking to current and former employees of the village. His attorney disagreed and said that the prohibition would be overkill.

Despite the DA’s efforts, john steinbrink jr still faces at least seven felonies and a maximum sentence of two decades in prison. The most likely outcome is that he will enter a plea deal. He will get a signature bond and no jail time until trial. He will also be barred from any contact with the Village of Pleasant Prairie, the prosecutors and the police in the case.

Judge’s Decision

The Racine DA has details of charges against former Pleasant Prairie Public Works Director John Steinbrink Jr. He was charged with theft – false representation between $10,000 and $100,000 and misconduct in public office – excess authority, both felonies that can result in up to 10 years in prison.

The charge against Steinbrink stems from allegations that he ordered village employees to perform repairs on dump trucks and wood chippers after they were purchased by his girlfriend, according to the complaint. Another employee reportedly said that john steinbrink jr directed him to park his village vehicle behind a pole barn on Steinbrink’s property and to pour concrete on gates and culverts that were installed on his land.

The case against john steinbrink jr is scheduled for a status conference later today at 2:45 in the afternoon. During the conference, Steenrod will determine whether he plans to pursue a plea deal or go to trial. This will be the former public works director’s first court appearance since being charged last year.

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