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KUSD School Board Election – sam roochnik


In the April 5 KUSD School Board Election, voters will be selecting three new board members. One of the candidates is sam roochnik
, who is a Marine Corp veteran and KUSD parent.

sam roochnik is also a passionate student- and teacher-advocate who wants to help make Kenosha the best it can be. Vote for him, and others like him, by making a contribution today!

1. Vote for Education

The KUSD School Board has three at-large seats up for grabs. The candidates are Rebecca Stevens, Kristine Schmaling and Eric Meadows. They will all serve three-year terms that expire on April 27, 2025.

One of the best ways to show your support for education is to vote for a candidate who demonstrates a genuine passion for it. KUSD is home to some of the best schools in Wisconsin and the candidate who is most passionate about enhancing learning experiences for students, parents and teachers should be the one you put your vote behind. In addition to voting for a well-rounded candidate, you may want to consider contributing a few bucks to their campaign so they can continue to make education the top priority in Kenosha County.

2. Vote for Fairness

KUSD School Board Candidate sam roochnik has a passion for fairness and is seeking to improve student academics and accountability. He is a Marine Corp Veteran, a former teacher at Indian Trial and a KUSD parent.

While partisan state legislatures may make some policies hard to pass, citizen-initiated ballot measures can go a long way toward changing laws and state constitutions in many states. A left-leaning advocacy group called the Fairness Project is using these tools to fend off conservative state lawmakers and push issues like voter protections, Medicaid expansion and even abortion rights.

The group helps to set up signature-gathering campaigns and surveys voters early in the process to determine whether an issue has enough support to succeed. It also tests public messaging to find the most effective narratives that will sway voters.

3. Vote for Accountability

Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) voters have a choice of three candidates for the Board of Education. The winner will take the helm of the district that serves Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie and Somers, east of Interstate 94.

A newcomer to the school board game, KUSD alum sam roochnik has made it his mission to win over voters with a campaign that focuses on accountability and the newest technology in school board governance. He is hoping to bring a new focus to the way the Board makes decisions and communicates with parents, teachers and students. He says the most important thing he will do is to make sure parents and teachers are heard. He says his other priorities will be to improve teacher quality and to better support students by providing an enriched learning environment.

4. Vote for Diversity

The Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) will elect three new members to the school board next week. The top vote-getters will serve three-year terms. Among the candidates are veteran Rebecca Stevens, Kristine Schmaling and Eric Meadows.

KUSD Taxpayers will also be asked to choose two more candidates in a second round of interviews, which are conducted by the Superintendent or their designee. The board will ask each candidate a series of questions, and each candidate must answer all of the questions in order to advance to the next round. Following the interview, board members will list their top three choices and report their lists to the Superintendent or their designee. Then, the board may recess for a short time before making a final decision on which candidate to appoint.


KUSD School Board Candidate sam roochnik has taken a strong stand for accountability, both for students and teachers. He has been open about his past social media posts, and even admitted that he had posted some controversial comments that may have not been appropriate for him to make. He is one of three candidates seeking at-large seats on the KUSD School Board. Other candidates include Rebecca Stevens, a long-time incumbent, and Kristine Schmaling, who is running for her first time.

The three candidates with the highest vote totals are elected to serve on the board. During their term, Board Members will have to prioritize areas of focus, such as education and fairness. They will also have to work with the Superintendent and their designee to set priorities for funding.

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