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Mike honold assembly: mike honold Bid for Wisconsin State Assembly District 61 Seat


Mike honold assembly is a member of the Republican Party who ran for the Wisconsin State Assembly District 61 seat in 2022. He is a businessman and has previously served in the military, as well as on local boards and commissions.

Background on Wisconsin State Assembly District 61:

Wisconsin State Assembly District 61 is located in the southeastern part of the state, including parts of Kenosha and Racine counties. It has been a traditionally Republican-leaning district, and in the 2020 election, the Republican incumbent Samantha Kerkman won with over 60% of the vote.

Mike Honold’s Political Platform:

Mike honold assembly is political platform during his 2022 campaign for the Wisconsin State Assembly District 61 seat was focused on several key issues that he believed were important to his potential constituents. Some of the main points of his platform included:

  1. Fiscal responsibility: Honold pledged to be fiscally responsible and work to balance the state budget without raising taxes. He believed that government spending should be reduced and wasteful programs eliminated to ensure that taxpayer dollars were being used efficiently.
  2. Supporting small businesses: Honold recognized the importance of small businesses to the local economy and promised to work to reduce regulations and taxes on them. He believed that small businesses were the backbone of the community and that they should be supported to promote job creation and economic growth.
  3. Infrastructure improvement: Honold believed that Wisconsin’s infrastructure needed significant improvement and pledged to prioritize investments in roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure to ensure safety and promote economic development.
  4. Job creation: Honold emphasized the importance of job creation in the district and believed that the state should work to attract new businesses and industries. He proposed policies to make Wisconsin more attractive to employers, including tax breaks and workforce training programs.
  5. Healthcare: Honold supported increased access to healthcare for Wisconsin residents and pledged to work to lower healthcare costs while maintaining quality care. He believed that healthcare was a fundamental right and that all residents should have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.
  6. Education: Honold supported funding for public schools and believed that all children should have access to quality education. He pledged to work to ensure that schools in the district received the resources they needed to provide a good education to students.

Overall, Mike Honold’s political platform was focused on promoting economic growth and job creation, reducing government spending and regulation, and improving infrastructure and access to healthcare and education. These were the key issues he campaigned on and hoped to address if elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

The 2022 Wisconsin State Assembly District 61 Republican Primary:

Mike honold assembly faced two other candidates in the 2022 Republican primary for the District 61 seat: Ryan Waldschmidt and Michael Waddell. The primary was held in August 2022, and Honold emerged as the winner with 40% of the vote.


Mike honold assembly victory in the Republican primary sets him up to compete for the District 61 seat in the general election. If elected, he will be tasked with representing the interests of his constituents in the state legislature and working to achieve his campaign promises. The race for District 61 is sure to be one to watch in the upcoming election cycle.

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